The Company

Moving Confidently Forward

The company “ELEA DERI ltd.” (Trade Mark R&V) was founded in 1996.  Since then the company has been growing and developing successfully.  And today the company occupies a formidable position in the wholesale retail production of headwear.  The headwear is produced outside of Istanbul, where the best masters of leather and sewing practice their trade.

The Materials

The best raw materials

From the moment of its foundation, the company has been paying particular attention to choosing the right materials, which continue to be the principle driving force behind the company’s stable development.  We use the highest quality Korean and Turkish leather, buy sheepskin from the USA and Europe, and participate in fur-trading NAFA and SAGA.  In addition, the company carefully produces a collection of quality artificial materials together with the natural materials.


Attention to Detail

Carefully thinking through and double-checking all stages of production, starting from the conceptual design and ending with the actual production and even the packaging.  During the modeling and sewing, even the smallest details of the design, peculiarities of the raw materials, and the trimming are taken into account.  Because of this the company can confidently guarantee that all articles made under this brand stand out through their originality, quality, and fantastic comfort.


Classics and Style

The Production Company “ELESA DERI ltd” has made a great name for themselves among demanding consumers and has become a synonym for elegancy and style.  Hats, caps, and baseball caps will give you warmth and comfort in foul and cold weather and will highlight your own style at the same time.  Thanks to its design, the Production Company “ELESA DERI ltd “ has earned a reputation of being a “classic for any time” both among specialists of wholesale trade as well as among the end consumers.


Swift development

The specialists of the company “ELESA DERI ltd “  don’t stop with certain achievements, but do everything possible to continue to further develop the company and perfect its activity.  The ability to build trustworthy relationships with clients and to provide them with the necessary support is a pledge of success of any brand.  With this understanding, we pay particular attention to each stage of cooperation; from the order to pre-sale preparations and guarantees.

We are always looking for new designs, and choosing and combining new materials.  Factories are constantly being upgraded and personnel trained.  All of this works for the benefit of the company and because of this the assortment of our products are always being refined and enriched.

The company “ELESA DERI ltd “  uses its experience gained over many years and draws inspiration from its work in today’s era and looks confidently toward the future.